Our Story

In 1994, our family began with four steers on five acres in Sedalia, Colorado.  Our children hardly remember a day without growing up around cattle.  Selling small quantities to family and close friends, we began to discover the health benefits and pride associated with raising our own beef.  In 1998, we decided to take the first step in expanding our farm when we became McKinney Land and Cattle Company, LLC.  Moving to acreage in nearby Castle Rock, we obtained nearby leases to raise more cattle.  We continued to grow and realized God was opening the doors for us to follow our dream to farm full time.

In 2012, we packed up the farm from the West and traveled to central Kentucky where we currently run a cow/calf operation.  We realize the importance of knowing what our animals eat and experience from start to finish. As a result, we started doing the entire process from breeding cows to finishing market steers all on our farm.  From our garden in the summer to helping calves in the winter, we keep busy year-round.  Our children (ages 22-14) all help in various ways. This venture has been a family adventure from the start and we take pride in raising our beef together.  Currently, we specialize in Angus grass fed and grain finished beef.

We value and love our customers because to us, they are family. We elevate customer satisfaction as our highest priority.  As always,  please call us at anytime with any questions you may have or just stop by!  We would love to show you around.


Pricing and Ordering


  • We raise our beef with an array of natural grasses to eat.  They enjoy fresh salad pickings every day – including red and white clover, alfalfa, tall fescue and orchard grass.
  • Our cattle are free range grain or grass finished, depending on the customer preference.
  • Our cattle usually weigh around 1,000-1,100 pounds at time of processing.
  • Our cattle are never at any time given steroids or growth hormones.
  • Our beef is available in half or whole.
  • Colorado Delivery also available.
  • Due to increased demand, please contact us for 2017 availability.

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From the start, we have strongly believed in the quality of our meat from start to finish and we take great care to hand select butchers who share the same vision.  We use USDA-FSIS approved and inspected slaughterhouses. Our beef is custom processed and vacuum-sealed packaged for your specific needs.


Call: 303-884-0154

Visit: 2995 Kentucky Highway 2141. Stanford, KY 40484

Message: mckinneybeef@gmail.com

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